Corporate Profile

Company Name
Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd.
March 14, 1973
4-10-1, Higashi-Shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,140-0002 Japan
Paid in Capital
JPY100 million
(solely owned subsidiary of KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION)
1,086 (As of October 1, 2015)

Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors

Director, Chairman
Fumiaki Tanaka
Representative Director, President
Noriko Shiono
Osamu Nakano
Masami Sasou
Standing Corporate Auditor
Shinji Enomoto

Corporate Officers

Executive Officer, President
Noriko Shiono
Executive Officer
Takahiro Imaeda
Executive Officer
Takeshi Murota
Executive Officer
Shusuke Tozawa

President Message

Using exercise to contribute to a healthier life; that is the concept at the core of our frequency-based pricing plan, introduced two years ago, which enables customers to pay depending on how often they visit, as well as the freedom to visit any of our locations nationwide. Since these changes were designed to make staying active easier than ever, it greatly delights us that so many of our customers have stated these changes are helping them maintain a fitness lifestyle.

In addition, to help more individuals live healthier lives on a day-to-day basis, we have introduced the "Konami Fitness Methods" web video series. This series takes Konami Sports Club's years of instructional experience and condenses it into an easily understandable format, demonstrating the correct ways to perform various physical activities, as well as giving parents ideas for how to stay active with their children. The videos feature athletes affiliated with Konami Sports Club and instructors from our facilities, and are becoming more and more popular.

This August, Konami Sports Club opened the first golf course in Japan designed specifically for beginners, the Nasu Highland Golf Club - Konami Sports Club Beginners' Golf Course. Besides providing those new to golf with a fully-fledged course where they can learn the ropes without feeling self-conscious, we also hope to help stimulate the golf industry as a whole by encouraging new players to make their golfing debut.

Furthermore, following the reopening in January of our Grancise facilities, this September saw the addition of Grancise Yebisu Garden. Grancise is Konami Sports Club's premier brand, with equipment and service optimized not only for fitness but business interactions as well, and offers an environment designed to keep body and mind in the best possible condition.

This year's Konami Open Swimming Competition was relaunched at a new venue, the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center. This competition is open to a range of swimming talent, from elementary school students to Japanese national swimmers, and now includes a junior invitational category. Our hope is that this event will foster the next generation of swimmers competitive at the global level, including the Rio 2016 Olympics, and preparations are already underway for the competition in February next year.

The wish to remain healthy our entire lives is something we share throughout society. However, good health does not happen overnight, and staying healthy can be surprisingly difficult and time-consuming. With the aim of providing our customers with services that are simpler to use and offer greater peace of mind, on October 1 we changed the name of our company to Konami Sports Club. We will continue to be your total health partner, both at our facilities and away from them, while making Konami Sports Club an ever easier and more pleasant place to stay active and healthy. Look forward to even further developments in the future.

Noriko Shiono