Corporate Profile

Company Name
Konami Sports & Life Co., Ltd.
March 14, 1973
4-10-1, Higashi-Shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,140-0002 Japan
Paid in Capital
JPY100 million
(solely owned subsidiary of KONAMI CORPORATION)
1,207 (As of March 31, 2015)

Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors

Director, Chairman
Fumiaki Tanaka
Representative Director, President
Noriko Shiono
Takahiro Imaeda
Takeshi Murota
Shusuke Tozawa
Standing Corporate Auditor
Motoyuki Yoshioka
Corporate Auditor
Minoru Maruoka

President Message

We have explored the best possible approaches to our theme: “supporting your healthier lifestyle through exercise” time and time again. This exploration led us to introduce new pricing plans that enable customers to select the most suitable options based on their personal usage frequency and the facilities they wish to use in our nationwide network. This July, it will have been 2 years since we started offering the plans, during which we have received many positive reviews from those who said they could easily continue our services.

In a TV show airing on BS Japan called “Let–s Gotouchi Taiso Plus,” we have introduced various exercises that are familiar to and can easily be done at home by everyone as health content with a view to encouraging the audience to start the day with a morning workout. Since this January, we have added a new course to the “OyZ” exercise class program targeting those over sixty years of age, which is available at our nationwide facilities. The new “brain activation” course is effective in preventing mild cognitive impairment. As Japan–s population continue to age, there has been a growing demand for measures to hold down an increase in social security expenditure stemming from the extension of healthy lifespan.

With the aim to provide healthcare support for those customers who cannot come to fitness facilities, we distribute two types of smartphone applications designed for calorie control and walking support. Healthy eating and exercise are important factors for well-being. We hope you will enjoy KONAMI–s healthcare applications which are dedicated to helping create and maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, and turn your everyday life into a fitness studio.

This year marks the 31st anniversary of the KONAMI OPEN, an annual swim meet that allows Japan–s promising swimmers to compete at the same venue - from elementary school children to the athletes who represent Japan on the world stage. At the 31st event, the swim meet opened a new chapter by moving the venue to “Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center.” With the increased number of guest junior swimmers alongside Japan–s world-class talent, the KONAMI OPEN has now been the door to international competition for the young generation carrying the future of Japanese swimming in their hands who takes aim at the Tokyo Olympics. As the world–s top athletes and a role-model for children who take on various challenges in the sports field, KONAMI SPORTS CLUB Gymnastics Team and Swimming Team make continued efforts to develop their skills through daily training.

“To live a long and healthy life”and that it would take a lot of time and effort to maintain it.Konami Sports & Life will continue striving to make Konami Sports Clubs an even better place for our customers where they can continue our services in a sustainable way by tapping into an abundance of knowledge accumulated over the years of experiences in fitness instruction and the strength in the operation of nationwide facilities.As your total health partner, we will do our utmost to contribute to your pursuit of a fulfilling lifestyle.

Noriko Shiono

President and Representative Director